In this global world, one can view and watch events from all across the globe due to the advancement of technology. Today we don’t even have to leave home to watch a LIVE World Cup match via television. Similarly the internet has the same capability too except that its much cheaper to implement compared to using the Television Stations and other forms of mediums.

Since 2010, our company have since broadcasted several events, seminars and weddings via the Internet to benefit the global community.

Imagine having a relative in England being able to watch your wedding ceremony from Singapore just by logging on the computer. Would that be convenient for them? It gives the opportunity for the busy relatives to witness these events and activities wherever there is stable or broadband connections.

Below are the a few shots of the set ups required for a Live Streaming Session.


Here’s a screenshot of the visitors page. Visitors can view the live broadcast while chatting with other viewers.


If you are keen to engage us for your events, please email to us at [email protected] or contact 9452 0491 (Fadzuli) or 9179 8353 (Fazli).

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