Are you having problems getting the attention of the Muslim community to know more about your products, services and events? Consider our Email Broadcasting Services.


Target Group: Muslims (Majority from Singapore)

Gender: 60% Female readers. 40% Male readers

Total Subscribers: 10,135 ( Since 20th September 2016 )

Open rates: 20% – 40%

Conversation rates: 1%-2% ( Tested for Events Advertised & Products on )

** There is no guarantee of sales however we can promise you that you will receive the attention and awareness for events / products / services.

Please write in to [email protected] for advertising rate card.

Our Clients
Sout Illahi
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore ( MUIS )
Flitu International ( SRDC Dinar & Dirham )
Esplanade Singapore
Planet Spiritual
Project Spirituality
Aspire Institute Pte Ltd

and many more

To engage us for these services, please write in to¬† [email protected] or call 9452 0491 .


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